Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2013

Apple would develop a draft wristwatch intelligent iWatch

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American sources, Apple plan on a draft wristwatch “intelligent” named iWatch. For some, it may interact with the iPhone.

Apple would experiment a wristwatch “intelligent” named iWatch whose contours would not yet certain, if you believe two renowned American newspaper, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal . According to the newspaper from New York, shows that “smart” and could work on iOS would have a new generation of flexible glass. According to the Wall Street Journal, this watch is equipped with certain features of a smartphone. Apple has even developed manufacturing projects with Foxconn, the Chinese subcontractor usual which already manufactures the iPhone and iPad.
The publication of this information following a few days, speculation is a former employee of Apple, Bruce Tognazzini who helped design the user interface of the Macintosh. On his blog , he published an article about iWatch a project that requires to be completed within Apple, while stating that his claims were not based on internal sources but his solid understanding of Apple products and strategy.

Microsoft had launched and then abandoned a watch “intelligent”

Still according to him, iWatch could interact via a wireless bluetooth with an iPhone, which would be a “smart device”.
These projects are not surprising Apple on the bottom though as always with Apple, they can take time to complete. They are connected with the “glasses” of Google. The giants of the Internet and consumer electronics all working on portable objects intelligent and communicative.
Microsoft in 2004, had led to the development of Spot (smart personal smart object) personal technology “intelligent” including even a watch. This product had been arrested in 2008 before the little success.

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